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October 27, 2009



Awww don't be sad!

I love all your photos especially Gemini the crazy cat......I had a cat just like her/him when I was a kid, his name was tri-pod.....he only had three legs ( rabbit trap ).

P.S. Time to clean out your medicine messy! lol


I am missing you as well, thanks for that. it was great to catch up after we'd both been so busy. Great photos of the wedding, it was beautiful.

Pip Prosser

I fully admitt to stopping by and not leaving a comment ... was in a hurry ... loved the wedding photos, favourite was the bride and groom with the loveheart in the sand ... still enjoying the photos from your holiday ... and I am going to take a photo of our medicine cupboard, plain ridiculous!!! Have a good day and talk soon, Pip


Love seeing Gemi trying to be the stowaway in your suitcase!


Great photos, lovely cousin. I am loving your recap of your trip.


Uhm Maz... there is a camouflage cat in your bag..lucky he didn't make the trip back to Oz!

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