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October 29, 2009


Pip Prosser

So are you going to tell us what PULLED PORK is??? Curiousity is killing this cat ... enjoy your early night ... oh, what is your totally awesome photography book? Something we need to know about perhaps ... talk soon, Pip


great photos! i'd love the one of me and tom and brodie. well, i'd love a lot of them. so great to read and remember what fun we had!


so sorry your not getting any comments on your blog...loving looking at your photo's from america; I am envious of you, doing your photography; I would really like to do that!!! Harrison bought his first car 2 weeks ago, can you believe that my baby will be turning 17 on the 1st of Dec. He has got his 100 hours done and his log book is all ready to send away as soon as he turns 17.
I am also curious as to what Pulled Pork is!!!
Have a fantastic weekend Mazza



So the pulled pork is sort of like shredded meat in a sauce ( the name does not describe what it is!) Perhaps Hope, Jess or Pam can describe to us Aussie people exactly what it is?


Pulled pork (or pulled pork barbecue) is one of the best things ever... very tasty food! The pork is roasted and then the meat is literally pulled off... it is super tender.
The variety in pulled pork comes with the sauce... how you feel about sauce depends on where you are from. The North Carolina barbecue is made with a vinegar-based sauce. I know it doesn't sound good, but it really is! Others are prepared with more traditional tomato based barbecue sauce.
If you really want more details, read this:

In any case, it is one of my favorite foods which is why I wanted to have it at my rehearsal dinner. I never did really find out if Marianne liked it? In any case, it is delicious!

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